Self-Cleaning Intake Screen For rivers lakes

Self-Cleaning Intake Screen For rivers lakes

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Advanced Self-Cleaning Wedge Wire Intake Screens for Industrial Applications
As the demand for stringent clean water screening, eel screens, and fish protection in water extraction from reservoirs and rivers continues to grow, YUBO has developed highly flexible and adaptable water intake screen designs. These wedge wire water intake screens are designed to meet the compliance requirements of various raw water sources.

self cleaning wedge wire water intake screen

The Importance of Self-Cleaning Intake Screens
Intake screens are crucial for extracting and filtering raw water from rivers, lakes, streams, and reservoirs for process water, cooling water, and other critical industrial applications. Also known as raw water intakes, inlet screens, drum screens, pre-filters, pump screens, or coarse screens, they come in cylindrical drum or flat profile designs with low slot-through velocity to prevent debris impingement.

Key Applications
Water Treatment Works: Extracting raw water from reservoirs and rivers for processing.

Desalination Plants: Providing a steady supply of water for desalination.

Industrial Water Supply: Ensuring a reliable source of raw water for various industrial processes.

rivel lake water intake screen

Custom-Designed Solutions
Our Self-Cleaning Intake Screen solutions are meticulously designed to protect valuable assets from costly blockages and damage due to unwanted debris. Our wedge wire self-cleaning intake screen system is an ideal choice for power generation, water treatment, desalination, hydrocarbon processing, irrigation, and other industrial applications.

Why Choose YUBO?
Custom Manufacturing: Can't find the intake screen you need? We specialize in Self-Cleaning Intake Screen custom manufacturing. Our sales, engineering, and production teams have the expertise to create what you need to the highest level of excellence.

In-House Production: By keeping all work in-house, we ensure accuracy and consistency in every product we make.

Quick Response: Once we receive your request, we will contact you within 12 hours.

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Ready to protect your critical assets and improve your water intake processes? Contact us today for a custom quote. Our team is eager to assist you in finding the perfect self-cleaning intake screen solution for your needs.

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